Baking Fresh Bread and Treats for Over 30 Years

Stop by our local bakery in Princeton, NJ

Whether you want a savory sandwich or a tasty dessert, our Italian bakery is the place to be. Delizioso Bakery and Kitchen offers a wide variety of baked goods and lunch options in Princeton, NJ. We offer a welcoming atmosphere for college students and residents of the area so that they can relax and enjoy a delicious treat after a long day.

Visit our local bakery today. We have a new location in Jersey City opening soon.

Make sure everyone at your party leaves with a full stomach

We'll work with you to get all the food you need for your event. Our catering services are perfect for:

  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • Birthday parties
  • Family reunions
  • School functions
Our team will tailor your order to fit your needs and create a delivery plan. Get your free catering estimate by contacting us today.

Enjoy delicious food while you study

Want to get off campus for a bit? Our Italian bakery is the best choice for your next study session because:

* We have free Wi-Fi and fresh bread
* All of our meals are made to order
* We have open exterior seating in case you want to enjoy the outdoors
* Our bakers and cooks use fresh, hand-picked ingredients when preparing food
* You get a free personal pie when you spend more than $35

Call 609-921-2233 now to learn more about our selection of baked foods. You can also place an order online.